Okay Fine, I’m Complaining

I’m back! I took the week off my blog for some regrouping, but more on that later. The piece I left you with I wrote in February, 2013. By the time I wrote what I’m sharing with you today, I’d reached my wits’ end.   August 27, 2013 Sometimes you just gotta let yourself fall […]

I Don’t Want to Complain

I debated whether or not to post something today. It is, after all, a holiday, and I have a game of Murder Mountain waiting for me. But I’ve decided to talk about the importance of taking care of yourself this week, and I figured what better way to start than showing how much I struggle […]

Daring Greatly

I wish I had time for a better intro, but I hit snooze a few times this morning, so…yeah…. More from Dr. Brené Brown. Three minute video, worth a watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EwFHUtJZmg “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds […]

It's Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s not easy being me. I don’t mean that as whiny as it sounds. I’m not talking about my setbacks or supposed disadvantages or anything like that. I’m not so self-absorbed to imagine I alone have suffered defeat, survived sorrow, and all the other shit that’s par for the course when you’re human. If you’re […]

Help! I Need Somebody

Once upon a time, I thought the world was comprised of two types of people: those who give help and those who receive it.  I, being Ms. Fix It, viewed myself as belonging to the first category. I’ve mentioned Dr. Brené Brown before, and I’m reading her book, The Gifts of Imperfection. She brilliantly words […]

What’s Your Superpower?

My friends and I recently started a book club (again…second time is the charm?). Our first book was All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. The story itself is really cute and really short, and the premise is simple: all of Tom’s friends are superheroes. There’s a bit of magic realism involved and lots […]

Judgey-Wudgey Was a Bear

Don’t we all love to sit on our high horses looking our noses down at each other? Nothing makes us feel more superior than comparing ourselves to someone we view as inferior. Of course, logically, we know that doing this doesn’t actually make our lives any better, it just makes us feel better about our […]

Instructions For a Bad Day

Instructions For a Bad Day

The first time I saw To This Day, I was stunned. Shane Koyczan is not only an amazing writer, he’s a powerful speaker. Last night I stumbled on a video featuring another one of his spoken word poems, and, once again, I found myself speechless. If you are having a great day, a bad day, […]

Nothing I Have to Say Is More Important Than These Two Articles

  http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/02/i-believe-dylan-farrow.html        “…our willful ignorance is explained by the fact that, if we really grappled with how common sexual harassment and assault really are, we’d never want to get out of bed in the morning.” http://storylineblog.com/2014/02/06/how-the-end-of-poverty-comes-with-the-end-of-violence/      “Two police officers and a prosecutor came to the scene, but departed without asking the Ayalas any questions. Yuri’s […]

To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True

I am very much so not feeling writing a blog entry today. For one thing, after three 7am shifts in a row, I am le tired, and my eyes hurt when I try to focus on the computer screen. For another, meaningful daily posts on my blog seemed like a great idea when my inbox […]